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Family Nurse Practitioner Department: Medical Clinic Abilene, TX Position: Licensed Family Nurse Practitioner For the purposes of ACU s Background Check and Self-Reporting Policy, this position is classified as security sensitive. Exempt, Reduced Full-Time The key principles of this job are to: Support ACU s Mission: Educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. Support ACU s 21st Century Vision: By 2020, ACU will become the premier university for the education of Christ-centered, global leaders. I. Basic Responsibilities Independently develop plans of care utilizing advanced assessment, knowledge, skills, teaching, and critical thinking to optimize patient outcomes. Administrative responsibilities include chart documentation and participation in performance improvement initiatives. Take patient history, conduct physical examinations, and record the data in the patient s record; write progress notes and narrative discharge summaries; prepare patient workups and summaries noting pertinent positive and negative findings. Order laboratory studies and diagnostic procedures; explain the necessity, preparation, nature and anticipated effects of scheduled diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to the patient. Carry out therapeutic procedures such as cast application and removal, wound suturing and dressing changes. Prescribes medications according to therapeutic goals, explains treatment to patients, and families. B. Independently develop plans of care utilizing advanced assessment, knowledge, skills, teaching, and critical thinking to optimize patient outcomes. Formulates, initiates and monitors patient management plans for patients, using protocols and/or consultation with the Medical Director. C. Administrative responsibilities include chart documentation and participation in performance improvement initiatives. Maintain chart documentation, tracking and reporting systems as indicated for continuity of care. Participate in chart reviews as directed by the Office Manager. Participate in performance improvement projects by setting and completing goals as directed by the Medical Director. III. Professional Development Requirements: A. Skills Knowledge of nurse practitioner principles and techniques. Skill in taking medical histories to assess medical condition and interpret findings. Must possess the following abilities: to express oneself effectively both orally and in writing; actively listen to others for understanding of their needs and situations; speak and write English clearly; read and understand correspondence, memoranda and directives and effectively represent the organization, department and its operations to management and the public. B. Training Modules Required Nuesoft Banner HIPAA IV. Qualifications: ACU is affiliated with the fellowship of the Church of Christ. This position requires the employee to be a professing Christian and to be willing to support the Christian mission of ACU. A. Professional Graduation from an accredited school of nursing and a Nurse Practitioner program recognized by the Board of Nursing or from a program otherwise designated for Family Nurse Practitioners which has been approved by the State Board of Nursing. Board Certification or Eligibility for Board Certification. Eligible for and licensed by the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners. Able to demonstrate knowledge and management in the clinical setting consistent with reasonable standards of an advanced practice nurse. B. Personal A commitment to model, teach and otherwise exemplify Jesus Christ this would include the following: (a) Model health living as an example of care of the Lord s temple . (b) Inclusive care that emphasizes and integrates spiritual health. (c) A commitment to counsel patients to make personal decisions that is consistent with Christian principles. (d) Positive attitude, enthusiasm, cooperation, willingness to work with and for others. 2. A high interest to integrate teaching with health care in the college setting. V. Physical Demands Ability to work in a fast moving, multi-tasking environment. Ability to sustain physical effort through eight hour workdays and endurance to carry out those duties throughout the school year. Requires full range of body motion including manual finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Occasionally lifts and carries items weighing up to 15 pounds. Requires correct vision and hearing to normal range. Occasional stress related to multiple responsibilities. VI. Typical Environmental Conditions I understand that our mission at Abilene Christian University is to educate students for Christian service and leadership through the world. Because of ACU s commitment to this principle and my commitment to God, people and learning, my actions will exemplify integrity, service, stewardship, involvement, and excellence. Click Here to Complete Your Application Explore Majors Find majors or programs that interest you. All Majors Graduate Programs Visit Campus Satisfy your curiosity about what it means to live and learn at ACU! Schedule a visit Apply to ACU Apply Online Log into your application. Learn moreabout our application and admissions process. Related Links Anonymous Reports Faculty Positions Higher Education Opportunity Act myACU Source:

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